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Hi I'm Mohsin and I like to make things. What kinds of things? All sorts of things but most of these things are related somewhat to music/audio and video games. Currently I'm aspiring to work in audio programming in the games industry however if you like the music I make and want some music for your game, video or even just to listen to, feel free to email me and we can figure something out!

Both of these mediums alone are such fascinating forms of storytelling however I feel that combining the two could really result in stories that are truly unique and special.

I spent 3 formative years at Goldsmiths, university of London learning about the art of "Music Computing". During this period I learnt about the intricacies of software engineering/development, working with arduino, machine learning, web development as well as combining the arts of music and computer science by building generative music systems and even an instrument (see my auduino project). I went on to get a 2:1 (Upper second-class honours) and walked away with a BSc.

If you want to get more specific I have worked with Python, C++, C# (in Unity), Max/MSP and HTML.

Interested in hiring me? Here's my CV.



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